The Art of Anarchy: MOCAtv Explores Iconic Punk Imagery

Black Flag, The Dead Kennedys, Crass — “The Art of Punk” takes a closer look at their iconography

Black Flag’s logo, four staggered black bars, speaks as loudly as the band’s six studio albums. Restless, energetic, rebellious, the image encapsulates the legendary punk band’s psyche.

MOCAtv’s newest documentary series, The Art of Punk, explores this intersection of art and music with three micro-docs, each of which focuses on the iconography of an influential punk band. Created by Los Angeles-based writer/artist/filmmaker Bryan Ray Turcotte, The Art of Punk is both an oral history and an exploration of visual symbolism.

The first episode, released on June 11, takes a long look at Black Flag’s logo, which was created by artist Raymond Pettibon. The 22-minute film features interviews with with Pettibon, Black Flag band members Keith Morris, Dez Cadena, and Henry Rollins, and Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, who discuss the logo’s impact on their own lives. 

The second installment, released this Tuesday, tears into the controversial emblem of the English punk rock band Crass, formed in 1977. Created by British graphic designer Dave King, Crass’s infamous snake and cross logo became a symbol of protest, anarchy, and social satire. 

The final episode, which comes out next Tuesday, will delve into the iconography of the American hardcore band Dead Kennedys.