The Anonymous Artists Behind Petal Drop LA Are Back with a Mysterious Pop-Up Installation

You’ll have to wake up at sunrise if you want to get in on the action

In February, hundreds of Angelenos lined up in a DTLA alleyway for Petal Drop LA (01), a guerrilla art installation in which 7,000 cups of pink flower petals were rained down on viewers from dawn until dusk. It was a one-time-only gig, until it wasn’t (aka today): the same anonymous art collective responsible for PDLA01 (which also happens to take credit for the Griffith Park Teahouse) will be staging a sequel, aptly titled Petal Drop LA (02).

Hello LA! We’re hard at work on Petal Drop LA 02, celebrating LA’s jacarandas on an industrial scale.

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On Sunday, May 29, PDLA02 will celebrate L.A.’s purple jacaranda blossoms with a series of pop-up exhibitions meant to juxtapose the beauty of nature with an as-yet-to-be-disclosed industrial setting near downtown L.A. The secret site will be revealed at sunrise via Instagram and Twitter, and the event will begin at 6:17 AM (just, you know, ‘cause). The temporary exhibit will (hopefully) last until noon, and admission is free.