The 9 Best Moments of the Golden Globes, as Told in GIFs, Tweets, and Vines


Tonight’s Golden Globe awards were equal parts Trainwreck and Joy (see what we did there?). Despite technical difficulties and the tiresome bleepage of what we can only assume was hilarious yet profane commentary, there were some standout moments. Without further delay, we present a recap of the evening in GIFs, tweets, and Vines.

Rachel Bloom puts the “Crazy” in Crazy Ex Girlfriend

By which we mean crazy-awesome.

Andy Samberg Presents an Alternate (Read: More Interesting) Golden Globes Reality

Someone remind us why he wasn’t hosting the show…?

America Ferrera and Eva Longoria call Hollywood Out on Its Racism

Don’t mess with our L.A. Woman of the Year—or her friends.

…And so Does Jamie Foxx

First he skewered the HFPA for snubbing Straight Outta Compton, then he called out Quentin Tarantino for describing the Industry’s pool of movie composers as a “ghetto.”

Lady Gaga Bumps Into Leonardo DiCaprio on Her Way to the Stage

The Best Actor winner responded with a side eye to rival Sophia Loren.

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence Test Out Their Future Comedy Act

It was an admirable first attempt, but they could use a lesson or two from Tina and Amy.

Denzel Washington Forgets His Glasses…and Also His Speech

Luckily his wife had his back (but not his glasses).

Aziz Ansari Loses to Jeffrey Tambor, Who Loses to Gael García Bernal

On the bright side, Ansari displayed some spectacular prop work.

Taraji P. Henson Hands out Cookies and Tells the Golden Globes Music Guy to Back Off

Seriously, don’t mess with Cookie Lyon.