The 5 Best Flea Markets in Los Angeles County (A Controversial But Confident List)

We took on the herculean task of whittling a staple of Los Angeles culture to a handful of the city’s many flea market offerings

When any non-Angeleno gazes upon the shining star on the Golden Coast that is Los Angeles, they have a certain expectation of what the city will be. Flea markets are probably not in these visions—and that’s likely for almost anyone. Flea markets sound rather dirty, and rightfully so—the name originates from the external parasites that had infested furniture dragged out into scorching Parisian weather and put up for sale during the late 20th century. However, today’s markets in L.A.—and in general—are far different, bringing together an eclectic selection of antiques and beautifully curated booths (and no more fleas, of course).

It’s cliché, but with flea market sales, one must look for quality over quantity; some of L.A.’s markets have quality vendors in spades, while others struggle. And some markets found across L.A. boast vendors in the hundreds but fail to address the general experience of a classic flea. It’s easy to take on vendors at a historically popular and sought-after market, but how many of the vendors granted a booth are hanging obscene price tags from the necks of T-shirts fished from Goodwill bins? And furthermore, how many are slapping generic graphics onto Hanes tees and charging $50 for it? However, amid these crimes against retail, you can find a goldmine at an L.A. flea. So, we had our work cut out for us when it came to narrowing down the five best in L.A. County.

PCC Flea Market

Yes, we understand it edges on mad to begin a list with a flea market all the way out in Pasadena. However, we also understand that this is, generally speaking, one of the best markets in the county, given the pure quality of items on offer and the cost of attending—two dollars for parking and free entry. It seems PCC has its routine as meticulously planned out as possible, as making an appearance at the market never proves to be as chaotic as the experience one has at others around town. Once there, you’ll see the epitome of a quality flea, as the organizational aspect that goes into the event plays into the bargain you’re getting. Some of the other markets listed here are incredible in their own respect. But they fail to grasp a sliver of the experience PCC provides.

1570 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, First Sunday of the month

Long Beach Antique Market

There is an undeniable grit about the Long Beach Antique Market that makes it worth the trip across the green, gleaming, Vincent Thomas Bridge. Nearly all vendors here bring their personal assortments of junk—making several delectable, authentic displays of forgotten trinkets. Browsing through booths filled with everything from antique knives to license plates is sure to fill any attendee’s eyes with a glimmer of joy. The prices are always incredible; the downside is the $10 entry fee. At LAMag, we recognize that the city is already expensive, so paying to buy things gives one a particular sting. However, this market is a rare exception, as the price on most items ends up balancing out the cash coughed up at the door.

4901 E Conant St, Long Beach, Third Sunday of the month

(Photo by Topanga Vintage Market)

Topanga Vintage Market

This market is often considered to be the “flea of fleas.” One reason for this praise is that the market gathers roughly 200 vendors from Ojai to San Diego. In this, the pure diversity of the antiques being trucked in and set up is on display, and it’s astounding. Entry is $5 with free parking, which is incredible considering what other fleas charge for a quick breeze through.

1906 Cypress Ave., Cypress Park, Fourth Sunday of the month

Silverlake Flea

Silverlake Flea is one of the smaller markets in L.A. but it is incredible for several reasons. To start, admission and parking are free, vendor prices are great, and it isn’t overwhelming like some others. Truth be told, we have never had a bad experience at this market and assume that will continue in the future. Shoppers can expect everything from plants, vinyl records, and clothes to furniture, vintage posters, and books. This one really has it all, which earns it a comfortable place on this list.

1925 Sunset Blvd, Echo Park, Every Saturday and Sunday

Los Feliz Flea

We wrap up our list with another flea on the smaller side, but certainly a great addition to the tally. Los Feliz Flea is tucked away in the parking lot of John Marshall High School and boasts food trucks, snow cones, music, and, of course, antiques. It is a beautiful culmination of what makes flea markets such a classic event to attend in L.A. Free entry, free parking, and free enjoyment all come together in this beautiful collective of an experience.

3939 Tracy St, Los Feliz, Every Saturday

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