That Kim Kardashian and Ray J Sex Tape Was a Huge Money Maker

Kim Kardashian’s billion-dollar winning streak empire all began with a humble, dirty home movie and a dream

15 years ago, two thirsty people made a sex tape. One of them went on to become a billionaire on a never-ending reality show. The other is Ray J.

But let it be known, as an email obtained by TMZ purportedly illustrates, that the onscreen getting it on between Kim Kardashian and then boyfriend Ray J (a.k.a Brandy’s brother) was a colossal success.

In a May 2007 email, Steve Hirsch, head of porn giant Vivid Entertainment, wrote to Kim and redacted others, “Hey guys… heres the first statement… 1.4 sales in month 1… I think that’s pretty good…”

In short, the video made $1,424,636.63 in revenue in its first month, including the majority—$1,255,578.50—coming from DVD sales, according to TMZ.

The products was released in March 2007. Kardashian filed a lawsuit on February 21, 2007 against Vivid, saying she didn’t authorize the tape’s release, and the case was dismissed on April 27, 2007. Four days later, she received the email from Vivid with those eye-popping numbers.

And, apparently, there were three sex tapes, according to Ray J—two shot in Cabo San Lucas, and one shot in Santa Barbara—with the Santa Barbara footage locked deep in the vault.

On Saturday, Ray J claimed via Instagram that Kardashian’s mom, manager Kris Jenner, lied about being involved with the release of the sex tape, according to the Los Angeles Times. Jenner passed a polygraph test saying she didn’t aid her daughter in releasing the sex  tape on The Late Late Show last week. Ray J responded by proclaiming the segment to be “fake” on Instagram.

“What you trying to do to me is almost inhumane and foul at the highest level,” Ray J captioned one post aimed at Jenner and Kardashian. “You think you … can just f— people over and get away with it forever!!! That’s where you are wrong — I represent Gods army!!! And now it’s about to be a easy win on you devils.”

He added, “I’m going on the biggest rant of my life tonight to clear my name of this negativity.”

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