Tenacious D’s Megatastic Comedy Fest

It’s called Festival Supreme, pretty much everyone is performing, and tickets just went on sale

Mr. Show. Zach Galifianakis. Sarah Silverman. The Mighty Boosh. Tig Notaro. Fred Armisen. Will Forte. Tim and Eric. They’re all coming to Festival Supreme, a one-day comedy and music throwdown happening October 19 on the Santa Monica Pier.

The shindig was organized by Tenacious D bandmates Jack Black and Kyle Gass, and by “organized” we mean they picked up the phone and called a bunch of their pals. Which is fine with us.

The lineup includes up-and-comers like Hannibal Buress, whose fantastic set we caught a while back at Hot Tub, the Monday night laugh-fest at the Virgil. And it’s not limited to humans; Triumph the Insult Comic Dog will perform. If that’s not enough the Greatest Band in the World, aka Tenacious D, will perform.

Tickets–$99 for general admission and $250 for VIP–went on sale today.