Meet One of L.A.’s Most Daring Fashion Photographers

Ted Emmons captures the fashion world with startlingly fresh eyes

Ted Emmons’s photos are hard to gloss over. Whether you see them while flipping through a magazine or driving past wheat-pasted fashion ads on Sunset Boulevard, they’re the kind of images that leave an impression. Emmons mixes classic haute couture imagery with startlingly modern elements, blurring the line between ad and art. Follow him on Instagram and check out some of our favorite shots of his below as he answers a few questions about life as one of L.A.’s hottest fashion photographers.

How long have you been shooting and how did you fall into photography?

I’ve been shooting for eight years professionally, but I was always into art when I was little. I grew up painting and working with clay, then studied architecture and graphic design in college. I never knew I was going to be a photographer until I picked up a camera as a hobby after I graduated college. I fell in love with it and focused all my time into fashion photography.

Who are some of your favorite photographers?

Mario Testino. I’ve always loved the way he used color in his photographs. Definitely a legend.

Describe your photography in three words.

I want my personal work to be looked at as iconic, elegant, and clean.

Your photography is filled with such rich textures and startlingly bright colors—do you try and tap into an overarching theme or feeling when thinking of concepts?

I love experimenting with color in a way that’s not overdone, and each color choice is dependent on the concept of the shoot.

Favorite hangout in L.A.?

Griffith Observatory during sunset.

When you’re in a creative rut, what do you do to get reinspired?

I open up new/old fashion magazines: I-D, POP, ’90s Vogue, etc., or I take a road trip to the desert to reset.

What song would be the soundtrack to your photos?

Well, I’m a metalhead so not sure any of those songs will work as a soundtrack to my photos.

What’s your favorite photo (that you’ve taken)?

The shot where it looks like the girl is drowning. I shot it in Hawaii, and it’s titled “Suffocation.”

Most rewarding career experience so far?

Just traveling for work is rewarding enough. Also working and creating with talented people on every job is very rewarding.

Dream shoot?

Shooting a fashion editorial at SpaceX. Ugh my dream!!

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