Tamron Hall Describes How It Feels To Be A Black Woman As Roe v Wade Is Overturned (Exclusive)

“As we talk about voting rights, it’s a reminder that we can’t take anything for granted,” talk show host tells LAMag

Tamron Hall was still just absorbing the news that the Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade by reminding fans they “can’t take anything for granted.” 

“I feel like so many of us were reflecting on the change in this world and how we got here as a woman, as a black woman, as we talk about Roe V. Wade, as we talk about voting rights, it’s a reminder that we can’t take anything for granted,” Hall told Los Angeles at the Daytime Emmys red carpet. 

“You can’t say this is established law, or this will never change. That’s the importance of all of us, not just activating our voices, but activating in action,” she added. “I think that this is a reminder that nothing can be taken for granted. We learned that three years ago with our health, and now we’re learning it at this momentous moment for women and people of color, especially.”

While Hall doesn’t feel she’s in the position to tell people in blue states how they can help fight the fight, the 51-year-old talk show host is encouraging everyone of all backgrounds and beliefs to use their power to vote. 

“I think at the end of the day, we all know at age 18, we’re able to vote and these are personal decisions that we make, but we see now, I think each and every night, not just today, but how important our rights are and how it is not just a milestone to be able to vote. It is the cornerstone of our lives and I think that’s what’s important to all of us,” she said. 

Shortly after the Supreme Court’s decision was made public Friday, companies such as Disney and Paramount announced they’d be covering the travel fees for any employee living in a red state needing to get an abortion. Hall, whose show is a property of the Mickey Mouse company, applauds Disney for doing “what they are supposed to do.” 

“No company can exist without its employees and so we see many, many companies right now responding in this way because this is what their employees want,” Hall said. “I think it’s important that the voices of the people who make the company are heard each and every moment.”

The Daytime Emmys returned with an in-person ceremony Friday night after taking a three year hiatus due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Hall took home the award for Informative Talk Show Host, which she calls “magical.” 

“When you look back at where we were a couple of years ago to where we are now, it is a reminder that every day is a blessing and the importance of TV and why we celebrate together,” she said.

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