Swag Hag: We’re Too Sexy for this Chocolate

Bend it like Beckham’s body

[Latest in a series of posts chronicling the odd, amusing, absurd, and appalling items that arrive (usually unbidden) at our office.]

WHAT: A bar of chocolate emblazoned with the hunky shirtless physique of soccer star David Beckham. What are you drooling over: the creamy milk chocolate bar or the abs on Beckham? Both taste delicious.
WHY: This is to promote a line of undies the British footballer is launching at H&M.
RATING: 4 out of 5 stars. If you want to bribe journalists, there’s no better way than food (specifically, sweet and carby treats that arrive in the early or mid-afternoon). If you want to make ladies swoon, there’s nothing better than a ripped male physique. This item combines both. Bravo. (BTW it would have been 5 stars except the chocolate wasn’t high quality.)