Swag Hag: Ben and Kate Bubble Gun


[Latest in a series of posts chronicling the odd, amusing, absurd, and appalling items that arrive — usually unbidden — at our office.]

WHAT: To promote Ben and Kate, a half-hour comedy that debuts next Tuesday, FOX sent us a bubble gun.
WHY: Appealing to our collective inner child is a good strategy. We had fun squirting iridescent bubbles at each other. (If we write about it, it counts as working, right?) But we hope the show about a single mom, her precocious (is there any other kind in sitcom-land?) daughter, and her motley “urban tribe” (that’s straight from the press release), works better than this toy. The gun leaked, dripping bubble fluid down its barrel (where the AA batteries are housed) and all over our industrial gray carpeting. Which was actually kind of an improvement.