This Tiny Place in a Strip Mall Secretly Does the Best Massage in the Valley

Yes. The Valley

A bland, impossible-to-park-in Studio City strip mall sets the scene. You walk into total darkness with a series of entryways that make no sense. You are taken to an open room of miniature couches and ottomans and buckets and people covered with many sizes of towels. And it is here where you have the best massage of your natural life.

While it’s technically a “foot spa”, and they do spend a goodly portion of the hour on your toes using acupressure with alarming intensity, the bulk of the time is spent on your head, arms, legs, back, and FINGERS. You remain fully clothed after initially submerging your feet in a bucket (!) of near-boiling water which will scald you. But in a good way.

If you have already been to every foot spa in L.A. because you’re all about that self-care and you’re like, why are you telling me what a foot spa is right now, then perfect. Try this one and tell me it’s not the best.

If you DO NOT know what a foot spa is and haven’t yet spent a scant $25 for a full, glorious hour of this 80% painful, 14% bizarre, 6% heavenly experience, please angrily X out of this article and find your way to Studio City. You will need to make an appointment because this “secret” has been getting out, most likely because of my big mouth, so be sure to call them up right quick.

P.S. They also have a location in West L.A. that the author of this post has not visited but has heard glowing things about.