Street Art Spotter: Tough Girls from Rough Areas

Sand One draws larger-than-life beauties that take up entire walls with their energy.

Sand One is in her early twenties and hails from a pretty gnarly part of East LA. She wants to inspire her community with authentic representations of feminine beauty. Most of her characters are influenced by friends, her and her mother’s, women who Sand One refers to as “old school cholas.” She draws tough girls from rough areas, girls who crush stereotypes and become successful entrepreneurs and pillars of their community.

WHAT: Drawing a posse of cholas one at a time with features that stand out and call forth a crowd, she wants to get your attention and she has no problem being bold.

WHO: Sand One wants girls to know that anything is possible, even if she has a hard time believing it. In real life, she stands a mere 5′ but she paints big and her world is larger than life. Her art has kept her out of trouble and taken her around the world. When she was invited to Art Basel in Miami, she assumed that the call was a prank and hung up on her benefactor. Oops.

WHERE: Just west of La Brea and Melrose, in an unsuspecting alley. You can’t miss it.

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