Street Art Spotter: The Most Affordable Diamond in Beverly Hills

Something of an enigma in street art circles, Free Humanity is on a mission to make you think so hard that you’re moved to action. It seems to be working

Free Humanity grabs your attention with a simple sketch enlivened by blue and purple hues against what looks like Chinese calligraphy. On this wheatpaste, a hand carefully and gently holds a single flower. The flower contains a beautifully cut diamond. This image has been posted all around Los Angeles, from downtown’s Skid Row to Beverly Hills, making it impossible to ignore. And that’s the point. After all, what makes us so different from each other?

WHAT: Free Humanity is a bit of an enigma in street art circles. Some artists have street names but a simple Google query will turn up their given names. Not so with Free Humanity; that’s part of his or her allure. Free Humanity calls Los Angeles home but aims to speak for all of us, rich and poor alike.  

WHO: Free Humanity’s mission statement: “Taking back the Humanity stolen from our minds by social manipulation and planting seeds of positivity through art and consciousness.” You down? Check out to help support the cause.

WHERE: Robertson Boulevard between Clifton Way and Colgate Avenue in Beverly Hills.

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