Street Art Spotter: The Last Bookstore Gets a Gorgeous New Mural

NIK Lord is an artist and a Last Bookstore employee who has found a way to perfectly marry his interests

The Last Bookstore is a Los Angeles institution. As bookstores become more and more rare (who remembers the last time they saw an open Borders?), TLA is still here to encourage people to embrace the written word and share their love of books. With the newest section of TLA devoted to rare books and art, it’s only fitting that a talented employee covers the walls with beautiful and majestic art that seems to fly out of the pages of the very books they surround.

NIK Lord should be on your radar. If you don’t believe me, head to 5th and Spring for yourself. Street Art Spotter sat down with NIK and asked him a few questions about his process. 

Your style is so detailed and precise. How do you keep focused when drawing on such a large scale?
Working on something on this scale makes it extremely easy to loose focus. I like to listen to music while I work to help stave off anxiety. When the walls start closing in I take a step away to come back with fresh eyes.

How long have you been drawing?
I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. I had the type of parents who were busy and always brought my brother and I along. It was a way to keep me busy. After a while I got into comic books, graffiti animation, and other types of art. The older I got the more my obsession grew.

Favorite medium?
Going to art school definitely helped me expand my knowledge of materials. Oil painting and digital painting have found a permanent place in my heart but somehow I always return to my sketchbook, pens, and pencils.

How did the Last Bookstore mural come about?
I’ve worked for Josh [Spencer, owner of TLA] for a few years and he knew I like to draw and paint. Whenever I had a cool drawing or painting, I would show him for his opinion. A year or two back he had me do a mini mural in the stores dollar room. From there he had me design a couple shirts for the store. He told me one day he was going to open a new art book store and asked if I was interested in doing a mural. I told him of course. From Josh telling me what kind of things and imagery he liked, we collaborated on an idea. He said he liked how detail oriented my art is, so he asked if I could make it detailed for him. Even though it’s taking longer than expected, this has been an outstanding experience.

What’s next for NIK Lord?
What’s next for me? Good question. Hopefully more opportunities to make a living from my art. This is a way for people to know I’m here still making art and still working on my craft to improve.