Street Art Spotter: Serious Head Space

Sarah Sandin’s art is bold, bright and, you guessed it, beautiful

Large canvases are Sarah Sandin’s speciality. She utilizes entire walls, beckoning passersby with shocking colors and a passionate sensibility. The energy is kinetic. Sandin is entirely self-taught and her creativity is contagious.

Sarah Sandin is at home with a variety of mediums, be they walls, reclaimed wooden doors (really), or a good ol’ paper and a pen. She transforms each space and makes it her own. Her female figures are divine beings with flowing hair and piercing eyes. Her line work shifts from solid geometric shapes to more abstract images.

A gorgeous face with luscious lips, bright blue eyes, and a mane of black curly hair is consumed by her colorful thoughts. Her head can’t contain them and they spread everywhere. The best part of the piece? The tagline, which probably every person in Los Angeles can relate to: “Therapy Isn’t Working.”

Melrose Fame Yard, right next to Sportie LA. The walls change frequently, and this piece is no longer up, but we’re hoping Sandin will rock a wall here again soon.

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