Street Art Spotter: Sade Never Stops

Maybe you’ve spotted Sade around town; Dirt Cobain is the artist behind those street portraits of the sultry singer

Dirt Cobain is all over Los Angeles. His palette is a mesmerizing blend of colors that aren’t traditionally paired together. That’s the point: seeing things differently. Sometimes Sade will appear with just half of her face, other times her beauty will envelop an entire wall. She’s every bit as gorgeous in paint as she is in person. 

Dirt Cobain knows the streets of Los Angeles through and through. He canvasses neighborhoods and leaves his works in intimate locations. If you aren’t looking, you may never see them. But once you do, you can’t look away. The beauty is in the details. Don’t expect meaning from Cobain’s nom de art, which riffs on grunge rockers Nirvana; it’s just a fun take on a nickname.

Cobain is especially talented at portraying the female form, but no subject is off limits. His talent knows no boundaries—or neighborhood limits.

This piece was painted in the Melrose Fame Yard (next door to Sportie LA at 7753 Melrose Ave.) but it’s no longer up. The good news? Dirt Cobain will be back this Thursday and you can watch him paint live at Fame Yard from 6 to 10 p.m. You can also buy his paintings at Whole Foods on Fairfax and Third. We love it when stores invest in local talent. 

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