Street Art Spotter: Honoring Nelson Mandela with Peace and a Dove

David Flores’ mural of Nelson Mandela is a tribute to a true peacemaker and has taken on new meaning since Madiba’s death at the age of ninety-five.

In July of this year, David Flores was asked by the City of Santa Monica and the Nelson Mandela Foundation to create a mural in honor of the South African leader’s 95th birthday. He and his partner, Olivia Bevilacqua, delivered a stunning portrait in a matter of hours. Since Nelson Mandela’s recent death, the piece has taken on a deeper meaning; more than 10,000 miles away from Johannesburg, it has become a memorial to the legendary leader with people leaving flowers and wreaths at the site.

WHAT: The various shades of blue suggest calmness and serenity, qualities that Mandela was able to find despite years of imprisonment and mistreatment. A smile takes over his entire face and Mandela radiates happiness. He holds a dove, an ancient symbol of peace, and in the background his clan name “Madiba” is visible.

WHO: We’ve covered Flores before and it’s no surprise why. His murals are curious and creative, beckoning passersby with their bright color palettes and distinctive line work. Recently featured in the New York Times, Flores is at the top of his game and continues to receive accolades wherever he leaves his mark. He is prolific and a perfectionist, a combination that few can master.

WHERE: Studio 1-on-1, 2469 Lincoln Boulevard.

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