Street Art Spotter: Girls That Pack a Punch

Becca Midwood’s pinup-worthy models are everywhere—and we’re not complaining

Becca Midwood, who goes by the nom de art Becca, is talent supreme. Her feminine models are whimsical and innocent. They’ll often catch you by surprise in L.A.’s alleys and hidden crevices. It’s like receiving a hug from an old friend when you least expect it. What’s not to love?

WHAT: Becca is constantly giving Angelenos something new to covet. Her collaboration with Philip Lumbang covered the Hamptons (and beyond) with dynamite images of bears and babes. How does she top that? She knocks us out of the park—with boxing gloves.

WHO: For those who think of graffiti as an eyesore, Becca’s art may change these notions. You never know what you’ll see with her work. The one thing you can count on: It will be aesthetically pleasing, feminine without being cloying, and sweet.

WHERE: Just west of La Brea on Melrose. Becca’s girls are always in the most unexpected places, and they’re waiting for you. Don’t disappoint them.

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