Street Art Spotter: Dallas Clayton Wants to Make You Happy

Positivity radiates from Clayton’s hand painted signs

Dallas Clayton is an artist, author, and all around nice guy. His tenacity is exactly what brought him the success he is surrounded by today; But he is not one to get big headed. That isn’t Clayton’s M.O. Instead, he wants to help you grab a piece of the proverbial pie.

WHO: Dallas Clayton is eternally happy, but he is in no way a slacker. When publishing houses turned down his book idea years ago, he simply went out and self-published. He eventually landed several book deals, because Clayton trades in creativity and charisma.

WHAT: Clayton is turning all of Los Angeles into a chance for pedestrians to smile a little bit more. Using wooden signs and black ink, Clayton’s familiar lettering and illustration style beckons. The question is are you up for the challenge?

WHERE: Fairfax Blvd across from Supreme.