Street Art Spotter: Dabs Myla Settles into Fairfax Avenue

If you’re using walls as canvases, Fairfax makes for crowded real estate—unless you’re Dabs Myla

The appeal of Dabs Myla is how much fun these Aussie-bred duo tricksters have with their art. It’s equal parts mischief and merriment, which makes the cartoonish characters come to life. A rat with a spray can? Don’t mind if we do.

WHO: Dabs Myla has been making tracks worldwide since getting started Down Under. Signature images include blissed out moons and teepees alongside potted plants. They’re weird but they work. This piece, which feels like a bite of summer, is a welcome reminder that Los Angeles is in a perpetual state of summer.

WHAT: Dabs Myla is often asked how they can work and live together and still keep their relationship strong. This is how they answer: “After years of living, painting walls and working together, we have only become closer, stronger and even more in sync. Every day we wake up, paint all day… and keep each other entertained with constant chatter and stupid jokes. Who could ask for more out of life!!”

WHERE: Known Gallery parking lot, adjacent to 441 North Fairfax Ave.