Street Art Spotter: Calvin and Hobbes is ALL Heart

A super sweet collaboration between anatomically correct heart aficionado, Jennifer Korsen, and Lucas Raynaud, an artist whose talents range from rap legends to comic book icons, and everything in between.

Although Bill Watterson hasn’t created original panels of Calvin and Hobbes since the mid-90s, the mischievous, spiky-haired hero of the comic strips still speaks to children and adults alike. Despite the madness that always seems to follow him, Calvin is all sweetness at his core. What could be more appropriate than this ode to the eternal boy child?

WHAT: Calvin is holding a balloon that represents childlike innocence—but there’s a twist. You just know that it’s seconds from popping as Calvin doesn’t seem to stay out of trouble for long. He’s standing next to a giant throbbing heart, ventricles and all.

WHO: Silver Lake artist Jennifer Korsen is an anatomically correct heart aficionado who decorates the city with her vibrant red aerosol pieces. She has teamed up with Lucas Raynaud, a graffiti portrait artist who engages his audience with his signature tag: #paintedplanks. Lucas creates brilliant art pieces on wooden planks that are up for grabs the minute that they’re placed. He lets people know via a hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. Fortunately, Calvin and Heart aren’t disappearing from this wall any time soon.

WHERE: A wall in Koreatown on the corner of Third Street and Vermont Avenue

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