Street Art Spotter: A Writer in Hollywood Refuses to Go Unnoticed During Oscars Season—and Beyond

WRDSMTH is a breath of fresh air in the world of stencils, wheatpaste, and deep thoughts

WRDSMTH may be new to L.A.’s street art scene, but he or she is already making their presence felt. The image of an antiquated typewriter is simple and striking. There’s something different going on, and as a viewer you have to get closer to see what it is. When you do, you might be caught off guard by the smart, witty text.

WHO: As a writer in Hollywood, WRDSMTH is no longer just a fan of the city’s signature industry but a willing participant. He/she wants to challenge people to think about the craft of writing and the effect words can have. WRDSMITH says: “I hope these indelible thoughts of mine that are temporarily tattooed on the walls of L.A. resonate. If they do, let me know.” Okay, WRDSMTH, consider yourself tapped. We’re watching and waiting to see where you’ll appear next.

WHAT: WRDSMTH’s dictum is sobering: “Don’t ever say you want to be a writer. You are a writer. Period.” Millions of people come to Hollywood with a vision, but there’s a slippery slope between wonderment and washout. WRDSMTH wants you to stand up tall and have faith in your words. Are you up to the challenge?

WHERE: Hyperion Ave. and Rowena Ave.

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