Street Art Spotter: A Penguin with Big (Eye)Balls

Specializing in cartoonish animals with vivid backstories, ShadowMonsterBear’s style is as playful as his name.

One might think a penguin would feel out of place in Los Angeles’s sunny climate. Not this one. He’s made himself comfortable in Koreatown, and it looks like he’s planning to stay a while as he ruminates on life.

WHAT: “We’re all a little mad here” is an astute comment on our current state of affairs, especially when it comes from a penguin with crazy eyeballs. ShadowMonsterBear is spot on in his subtle critique. The penguin is like the frustrated parent who screams at his children, “Stop yelling!” Cooler still, the vibrant colors make it clear that this flightless aquatic waterfowl is not afraid to stand out. While all of his friends are sporting black-and-white tuxedos, he’s popping orange and blue. 

WHO: ShadowMonsterBear uses acrylics and spray paint to create animals that you want to hug. With help from a constantly evolving cast of characters, she adorns the city with playfulness and love.

WHERE: Spotted on the wall of a gas station at the corner of Third Street and Vermont Avenue in Koreatown. The gas prices are decent, but the ad hoc gallery seals the deal. This wall is filled with graffiti by ShadowMonsterBear and her talented friends: Jennifer Korsen, Vyalone, and others.


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