Straight Outta Compton Director F. Gary Gray Lands Furious 8

He’s also being considered to direct Marvel’s upcoming remake of <em>Black Panther</em>

When last we left the Fast and Furious franchise, our heroes were defeating villains everywhere from Los Angeles to Azerbaijan.

Now, the crew is getting together again, and to shepherd them through their next car racing, heist-doing, fight-having adventure in Furious 8, Universal has officially announced that it will bring on Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray.

Fresh off the success of Compton, Gray is Hollywood’s current fixation—he’s also being considered to direct Marvel’s upcoming remake of Black Panther. This string of projects comes after a five-year hiatus; Compton was Gray’s first film since 2009’s Law Abiding Citizen. Prior to that, he was best known for 2003’s The Italian Job.

If the Fast and Furious movies have taken themselves a bit too seriously for your taste in the past, Gray’s hire means there’s hope yet. After all, he directed Friday, which is still—20 years later!—making its way anew into the pop culture vernacular.