Stormy Daniels Claims Terror From Tentacled Monsters—Origin Unknown

Former adult film star-director and Trump sex-tattler Stormy Daniels says tentacled beings are on the attack

While Trump-era liberal hero Michael Avenatti—the former California attorney who briefly became a media star and Democratic presidential hopeful in 2018 when he represented adult film star Stormy Daniels in lawsuits against Donald Trump—waits to find out if federal prosecutors in Santa Ana have convinced a judge to give him nearly 18 years in prison for wire and tax fraud, the woman who brought him to national prominence says she has been stalked by violent, ghostlike beings of unknown origin, and furious intent.

Daniels had $297,500 in publishing advances for her memoir stolen by Avenatti—for which he was sentenced to 48 months in prison in New York in February on fraud and aggravated identity theft charges. If that wasn’t bad enough, she was once the victim of a “very dark non-human thing with tentacles” that haunted her former home.

As the New York Post reports, Daniels said on this week’s Ghost Magnet with Bridget Marquardt podcast that the presence in the 200-year-old New Orleans Garden District home she moved into in 2019 was not of the friendly, Casper-like variety. In fact, the perhaps-otherworldly invader seemed to delight in breaking her stuff, damaging her health and the mental health of her then-boyfriend.

“Definitely one very, very dark non-human thing with these tentacles and that’s what I caught on camera and [it] shattered my ex’s guitar,” she said. “It just snapped in half one day sitting on the stand. It did not like him at all.”


Particularly troubling is the mention of tentacles on the hell-beast, as it indicates the intruder is not some everyday wraith or shade, but rather more like the “Old Ones” of Lovecraftian lore, deities from the earliest age of the universe, lost in space-time and forever searching for a crack in our reality through which to enter—Nath-Horthath, perhaps, or even Cthulhu itself.

Although Daniels identified the frightener as a singular presence at one point, she also said there were two. “One is a woman who lost a child and blamed herself, and if I stood in a certain spot in the kitchen, I would just cry, and like a couple of people said, like, they felt like she was cutting herself.

Apparently, a psychic, via Zoom, was able to give Daniels a partial I.D. on the potentially dimension-hopping visitor, telling her that the woman—who Daniels also felt in a mirror in the house—was “a lady of the night who identifies with you because you’re a sex worker, and she’s very protective of any man who gets in that bed with you.”

The experience led Daniels to become a professional ghostbuster the following year, joining a ghoul-investigating show called Spooky Babes (Sorry, we can’t quite determine where it airs).

Avenatti soon seized on this career choice, demanding Daniels’ mental health records for his defense against the New York wire fraud case last November. Daniels quickly posted a public retort to her “POS thieving former attorney” on social media.

While she may not yet be a Peter Venkman, Daniels is also not completely unfamiliar with grotesque anomalies. In her book, she recounts that Trump’s penis is mushroom-like, “with Yeti pubes” though “not freakishly small.”

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