Staying in With: Musicians RÜFÜS DU SOL

The electronic trio shares what’s getting them through

For our Staying in with… series, we ask interesting people what they’re watching, reading, and listening to while we all stay at home. In this edition: RÜFÜS DU SOL. Find more in our Inside Guide

In a normal spring, electronic music trio RÜFÜS DU SOL would be jetting off to festivals around the world, performing to teeming masses of dancing fans–but that’s all on hold for now. But while Tyrone Lindqvist, Jon George, and James Hunt are hunkered down together at a California ranch, they’ve been keeping fans entertained with the recent release of RÜFÜS DU SOL: Live from Joshua Treea concert film capturing a full set from the group, shot against a pastel desert sky (it’s already racked up nearly 1.7 million views).

RÜFÜS DU SOL Is Staying in With…

Podcast: Live Awake by Sarah Blondin, The Daily

We’ve currently relocated to a ranch out near Joshua Tree to start work on our next project. We’ve found ourselves turning inwards for creativity and building our strength with activities like breathwork, strength conditioning, yoga, and starting everyday with a meditation where we sit out in the desert with a speaker and play guided mediations to clear our minds and start the day from a place of control. These mediations by Sarah Blondin are our favorite, the tone of her voice and her encouraging words to be kind to yourself and show love has resonated with us. Her ‘Coming Home to Yourself’ course on the app “Insight Timer” is ten days of bliss too. The New York Times podcast, The Daily, for keeping up with current affairs, human interest pieces, and the latest developments in what is unfolding with COVID-19.

Virtual Yoga: Down Dog

We mentioned earlier our focus on health. This is the most legit of the yoga apps we have tried. Whatever level you are at, just beginning or advanced, it’s all there. It’s adaptable with the level of intensity, area of focus, type of yoga/stretch, length, and the music. They have done a good job with the indie music playlist curation too–they actually license good material, rather than use copyright-free loops like some other apps. 

Music App: Radiooooo

This is the best music app for those looking to discover hidden gems from far corners of the world. You select a decade, then select a country from a map of the world. From there, Radiooooo starts playing you rare cuts from that country in that decade, organized by tempo. Think obscure Latin disco from Suriname or ’70s funk from Morocco. It also has a function called Taxi, where it randomly plays you music from around the world. Highly recommended.

Television: The Morning Show

We’ve essentially been training for social distancing our entire career with lots of alone time on tour buses, hotel rooms and isolated studios. So although we’ve been channeling our energy into the studio the last month, one of our favorite shows I binged on the last tour was The Morning Show. It’s an epic, relevant story that centers around the #MeToo movement and the entertainment industry. The acting, storytelling, and production are all on point. 

Music: I Feel How This Night Should Look by Psychemagik and Empty by Nils Frahm

I Feel How This Night Should Look is an amazing dive into a little more chill and groove-based electronica with throwbacks to Air, Mylo, and some of the albums that we treasure from the early 2000s electronic music era. One of our favorite albums of the last year. Very slept on.

Classical arrangement meets electronic production on Empty, this new eight-track album from Nils. Kind of perfect for this time of reflection. In a surreal way it feels like you are listening to the score to a film about isolation, perhaps you are the character. Perfect for an afternoon walk in the age of social distancing.

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