Staying in With: Musician Black Atlass

it’s a strange time to release a new record, but Black Atlass is making it work

For our Staying in with… series, we ask interesting people what they’re watching, reading, and listening to while we all stay at home. In this edition: Black Atlass. Find more in our Inside Guide

Black Atlass (otherwise known as Alex Fleming) might be one of the most fashionable musicians around. He started releasing music online while still in high school, and it happened to catch the ear of the team at Louis Vuitton, which used his track “Paris” for an ad campaign. His tunes next proved a good fit for Saint Laurent and then Alexander Wang. More recently the alt-R&B artist has been recording for XO, the personal imprint of the Weeknd, releasing a new album, Dream Awake, last month. Typically a big album drop might be followed by a press junket or tour, but Fleming is instead promoting the record from home and waiting until late autumn to perform for live audiences.

Black Atlass Is Staying in With…

YouTube Series: Matty and Benny Eat Out America

When days get heavy it’s good to have a mental break, especially before bed. Lately I’ve been watching Matty and Benny Eat Out America. Benny Blanco is an insanely talented producer who I’ve been fortunate enough to work with in the past, and Matty Matheson is a legendary Canadian chef. The two together provide a much needed laugh.

Music: Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves

Times like these call for something that feels soothing, warm, and nostalgic, and this album hits all three. Kacey is one of my favorite artists, and I find her voice really comforting. You could listen to this album anywhere at any time and enjoy it.

Movie: Jurassic Park

I recently watched the original movie for the first time and loved it. There’s something really special about Spielberg’s earlier work. This movie was made at a time when CGI hadn’t yet become heavily used, which I feel gives it a realistic quality that hasn’t been replicated in current blockbusters. Classics like this always help lighten the mood and inspire me to push myself creatively.

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