Staying in with: Clayton and Ellen Kershaw

The Dodger and his wife Ellen are riding out the pandemic in Dallas while raising funds for charities addressing the crisis

For our Staying in with… series, we ask interesting people what they’re watching, reading, and listening to while we all stay at home. In this edition: Clayton Kershaw and Ellen Kershaw. Find more in our Inside Guide

With Major League Baseball on hold, Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw and his teammates have found a way to channel their competitive streaks while social distancing. “Justin Turner recently set up a Zoom game night for a few of us,” Kershaw said on the phone from his off-season home in Dallas, Texas. “We used a website that had games, I forget what it’s called. In some of the games you had to draw something, others you had to solve a riddle. It got us competing, which is always good.”

Outside of Zoom game nights, Clayton, his wife Ellen and their three children (including a four-month-old baby boy) have been keeping busy while sheltering-in-place. “It’s hard without a start date to the season, but I’m trying to stay in as decent of shape as I can,” Clayton said. “As a starting pitcher, I’m just making sure I can throw multiple innings and that type of thing.”

In addition to workouts and family time, Clayton and Ellen have been raising money for charitable causes—specifically Behind Every Door in Dallas and Dream Center in Los Angeles. Both charities are feeding people in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

Through their foundation, Kershaw’s Challenge, Clayton and Ellen set up a contest to raise funds. Every $50 donation gets an entry into a raffle where five winners will be selected for a one-on-one Zoom conversation with Clayton. And the first ten donors to give $5,000 to their campaign will automatically win a ten-minute Zoom call with the three-time Cy Young Award winner. “Ellen and I are going to match any donation that we get to raise some money to feed some people around L.A.,” Clayton said. “Both of those organizations are doing great things already, so we’re just excited to be a small part of it.” The deadline for the contest is Tuesday, April 28. Donations can be made online.

Clayton & Ellen Kershaw Are Staying in with…

Television: The Last Dance, Little Fires Everywhere, New Girl

Clayton: Like everyone else, I’m getting into the Bulls documentary, The Last Dance. I think the coolest thing for me is I remember it as a kid. It’s déjà vu, seeing the highlights, then having the backstory of what’s going on with the team, and listening to how Michael talks about basketball. And listening to Phil or Scottie Pippin. I’m excited to hear the crazy stories about Dennis Rodman. It’s been fun to see how Michael became Michael Jordan.

Ellen: The two shows that I’ve been watching are Little Fires Everywhere, with Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, and then Clayton and I have always had a New Girl thing. That’s just such a good show. So funny.

Kids Shows: Spirit, Dragons: Rescue Riders

Clayton: I love Spirit. Spirit‘s good. We’ve been getting into Rescue Riders, which is like a How to Train Your Dragon knockoff TV show. I think those are our main two.

Ellen: Honestly, I was expecting the screen time to escalate during quarantine, but if anything, I feel like we’re not watching as much TV. Our kids play outside in the front yard or the backyard, from 11:30 or after, up until bedtime.

Music: Brad Paisley Radio, Kidz Bop

Clayton: When we’re in the backyard we probably just go with a country playlist, maybe Brad Paisley radio. And then, when I’m working out, I mix it up. If I need to be upbeat, I’ll do a techno or EDM or hip-hop mix. And then Kidz Bop, for sure. We’re into Kidz Bop.

Ellen: Yeah, lots of Kidz Bop. We stick with family-friendly around here. We’ve got little ears. But I’ll put on country music. Being from Texas, we dig country.

Podcast: The Big Swing

Clayton: I’ve got to give my teammate, Ross Stripling, a shoutout. He’s got his podcast. I try and tune in when I can.

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