Starz’s Gritty New Ballet Drama is Apparently All Sex and Sweat

The opening credits have been released, and things just got real

If you were the person who got mad when you missed the opening credits of Dexter or True Blood because they were among the best parts of both shows, get ready to have your heart sing once more.

Starz’ new ballet drama, Flesh and Bone, follows up-and-coming dancer Claire (Sarah Hay) as she navigates the gnarly world of New York City ballet. But Claire, apparently, has a Black Swan-esque dark side. In the opening credits (below), we see thigh-high pleather boots wrapped around a stripper pole, and the kinds of visceral close-ups that made you want to go fry an egg and also never fry an egg again every time you watched Dexter. Behold:

In the show’s official trailer, we see spittle fly from the corner of an angry artistic director’s mouth, as well blood drip from the palms of what we can only assume to be Claire. In other words, this show should be good as hell.