Sprinkles Is Hiding Money in Its Cupcake ATMs

It’s the ultimate win-win situation

What if I told you that you that Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was, for one month, kind of real? No, listen: Sprinkles Cupcakes changed the instant gratification game when they introduced the world to the Cupcake ATM in 2012, a cheery pink machine outside of their Beverly Hills bakery that doles out tiny cakes instead of cash. (Not even sure which one of those is the better option, to be honest.) It costs $4.25 per cupcake and is open 24/7 and is a symbol of the greatest reaches of the American Dream.

That was five years ago, and to celebrate the Cupcake ATM’s invention, Sprinkles is sending us on a wild goose chase of Golden Ticket proportions. Throughout this month, the company will be hiding $250 gift certificates in all of their ATM locations; in the L.A. area, this means the USC campus, Beverly Hills, and the Americana at Brand. As of this article’s publication, no one has found the prize at any of those places, so yes, it’s acceptable to eat at least three cupcakes a day for the remainder of March—or force all of the workers at your father’s factory to line up at each L.A. ATM in around-the-clock shifts—to clinch this thing. God speed.