Speed Dating for CrossFitters Is Coming to DTLA

Do you even date, bro?

People who CrossFit seem like they have the upper hand when it comes to dating. They’re healthy, they’re happy, and their rippling abdominals gleam with just the right amount of sweat. But beneath those taut obliques, people who do WODs1 are just like the rest of us: They get nervous, they get shy, and just because they can deadlift three times their own body weight doesn’t mean that they can sweet-talk a stranger at a bar (or on a hike, or at the gym, or in a cold-pressed juice shop).

logoEnter AMRAP2 Speed Dating. Designed to help lonely lifters find love, this two-hour event will be held in downtown L.A. on October 3. It’s scheduled to take place at a CrossFit gym, but according to organizer Don Davidson, AMRAP Speed Dating—unlike your average CrossFit workout—will be a laid back and pressure-free affair. “The idea is to link a group of people that value their health and enjoy working out,” Davidson says, a CrossFitter himself (who also works as a dating coach). “It’s a like-minded group of people that otherwise might not have gotten a chance to meet each other.”

Of course, CrossFit athletes3 are already surrounded by like-minded individuals at their home boxes4. But as with any insular social scene, CrossFit gyms tend to be rife with interpersonal drama, and hooking up with someone you’re going to see five days a week can rapidly become Real Housewives-level messy. Boxes throughout the city are competitive with one another, though, so rare are the moments when a CrossFitter from, say, the Fairfax area, encounters a CrossFitter from DTLA.”This night will bring people from different gyms together,” Davidson says, giving them the opportunity to break out of their comfort zones.

The October event is structured like any other speed-dating night. Geared towards the straight community (Davidson hopes to hold another event for the gay community soon), 20 men and 20 women will rotate around the room. They’ll chat with each potential match for three minutes, jotting down notes about who they like and don’t like. Davidson will review their notes the following day, and connect people who expressed mutual interest. “If it’s a match, I’ll send them both emails,” he says, “and then, I take no responsibility for what happens. Godspeed! Go lift heavy stuff together.”

1 WOD: Workout Of the Day
2 AMRAP: As Many Reps As Possible
3 athlete: literally anyone with a membership to a CrossFit gym
4 box: gym