This Sparkly Instagram Feed Will Satisfy Your Vintage Ring Obsession

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If you’re into shiny things, chances are you have a soft spot for vintage jewelry; art deco rings, distressed gold necklaces, anything that has ever come in contact with an original old mine cut diamond.

Sound like something you could lose three otherwise-perfectly-good-hours looking at? Then get ye to yon Instagram posthaste and begin following Erstwhile. The New York-based jewelry boutique specializes in vintage finds, and also designs one-of-a-kind pieces using sourced, vintage stones. Their rings range from delicate bands to whopping finger-breakers and everything in between.

New rings just came in.. See them all on #erstwhilerings #showmeyourrings #bridetobe #shesaidyes

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Not going to be in New York any time soon (slash-don’t have access to an internet connection, in which case, how are you reading this)? Check out L.A.-based shops Fox & Bond or Single Stone for similar styles. 

The modern solitaire, our take on a classic. #byErstwhile #stackitlikeapro

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A few of our favorite vintage rings and bands currently in the shop at, link in bio! #erstwhilerings

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