Snow Tha Product is Exactly the Rapper We Need Right Now

The SoCal native deserves your Spotify follow

Snow Tha Product (née Claudia Alexandra Madriz Meza), has been enjoying the kind of rise most artists dreams about. Even if her name doesn’t ring a bell yet, there’s a good chance you’ve heard her voice. She’s been involved  some pretty high-profile collaborations of late, working with talents from Ty Dolla $ign to Lin Manuel Miranda. The outspoken daughter of undocumented immigrants herself, she was tapped to appear on “Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)” for The Hamilton Mixtape.

When not working on music, she’s designing inspirational-saying-emblazoned garb for her line Stay Woke Clothing, or building up her acting credits, including a recurring role on Queen of the South. 

The SoCal native, who records in both English and Spanish, cites Missy Elliott, Amy Winehouse, and Selena as key influences on her distinctive, upbeat sound. We caught up with her with a few questions about how she gets it all done.

You are involved in all these different projects, between music, design, acting, and more. What motivates you to find the energy to do it all?

A lot of caffeine and ADHD, and also knowing that I have a lot of people to prove wrong.

How did you come to be involved with The Hamilton Mixtape? What was that experience like?

The experience was amazing. I respect Lin Manuel highly. I love Presidente, he’s always been one of my favorite rappers of all time. I really have to thank my friend, Riggs Morales, for thinking of me for the project.

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Has the anti-immigrant sentiment being expressed by some in the current political climate impacted your work? 

I think that music is the only thing that is going to change minds and build bridges. The future is in the kids, and they’re more likely to listen to music and musicians that they can look up to and they can relate to, rather than people who they usually tune out.

Your live shows are described as being these big parties, from your own family members you have involved in the tour, to the artists you perform with and the vibe in the crowd. Would you say that’s something you actively cultivate? 

Yes! I feel like that is my main priority, to entertain for the whole show, and give people an escape from the bullshit that’s happening right now. I feel like people have confused being aware and positive with not being able to party—and I feel like part of my message is to show people that you can have a message and spread positivity, and also be able to drink a michelada and have a good time.

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