Snoop Dogg Calls Arnold Schwarzenegger “Racist” and Many Other Choice Things in Instagram Videos

The videos are in response to Esteban Nuñez’ early release from prison, thanks to a favor from Schwarzenegger

Snoop Dogg unleashed a series of expletives and insults on his Instagram yesterday after one-time California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger helped spring Esteban Nuñez, son of former California state Assemblyman Fabian Nuñez, from prison early.

The younger Nuñez had served six out of seven years for manslaughter, the sentence handed down after he was found guilty in the 2008 murder of San Diego State University student Luis Santos. Nuñez’s original sentence was 16 years, but Schwarzenegger—who was still in office at the time, with only hours left in his term—used his executive power to cut that sentence by more than half.

Schwarzenegger later told Newsweek that he was proud of what he did for his buddy Fabian. “My office definitely made a mistake in not notifying the parents [of the victim] beforehand,” he said. But “I feel good about the decision…I mean, of course you help a friend.”

In his videos, Snoop calls Schwarzenegger every expletive in the book, along with some downright visionary insults. He also asks the former governor why he helped out the Nuñez family but denied both clemency and a stay of execution for Stanley “Tookie” Williams, a former gang member who went on to become an activist for peace. Snoop goes on to compare Schwarzenegger to presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“I can’t stand you,” says Snoop, adding that Schwarzenegger is a “racist piece of s#*t.”

Fuck. You. Dogg head bitch

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