SNL Will Finally Be Live For West Coast Viewers

Why didn’t this happen years ago?

SNL has been killing it recently. To be fair, finding humor in the current political climate is just about as easy as predicting Trump’s next visit to Mar-a-Lago. (Which is to say, super easy.) Regardless, news that the late-night sketch show will finally, after 42 years, be broadcast LIVE across the country is more than welcome.

According to TV Line, SNL will air at 11:30 pm ET, 10:30 pm CT, 9:30 pm MT, and 8:30 pm PT for the rest of the season, meaning we’ll be able to watch hosts Jimmy Fallon (April 15) Chris Pine (May 6), Melissa McCarthy (May 13), and Dwayne Johnson (May 20) deliver their monologues in real time.

More importantly, we won’t have to wait until 11:29 to see an episode without the remotest possibility of an errant F-bomb. (And really, what’s the point in watching without that possibility?) Or shun social media for three hours so the exquisite beauty of Melissa McCarthy’s impression of Sean Spicer isn’t ruined.

Thanks, SNL. See you @ 8:30.