Sneaker Influencer Jacques Slade Opted Out of Revolve Festival After FYRE Fest Reports

”People come to Coachella to be seen at Coachella. They don’t come to Coachella to listen to the bands,” influencer tells LA Mag at LA Family Housing Gala

Sneaker influencer Jacques Slade was preparing to attend Revolve Festival during Coachella Weekend, until he heard there was some chaos occurring at the pick up location. 

“I didn’t go to Revolve because we were getting ready to go but then we got an alert that people didn’t get into Revolve or something like that and there was a lot of stuff going on about people trying to get in or get out and the buses weren’t working so we were like we’re not even going to go. We’re just going to hang out,” Slade told Los Angeles magazine on the LA Family Housing Gala carpet. 

Though when all is said and done, Slade understands the attractiveness of attending an event like Revolve because Coachella is no longer just a music festival.

“It’s definitely a content festival,” Slade said. “No question. People come to Coachella to be seen at Coachella. They don’t come to Coachella to listen to the bands. There’s nothing even close to, ‘Oh, I can’t wait to hear so and so,’ it’s more so, ‘I’m going to this party and that party.’ Like you could go to Coachella and go to all the parties and not even go to the festival and have just as much fun.” 

“But same, I literally did not even go to Coachella,” Slade added. “I played golf and I went to parties and that was it. Again, that’s what Coachella has turned into. Influencers come to do things. They don’t come to go to the show.” 

That said, Slade thinks Goldenvoice should continue doing their thing making Coachella a sought after music festival, rather than fully embracing the influencer effect of the weekend. According to Slade, the brands already have that side covered. 

Slade stepped out Thursday night to host the LA Family Housing Awards. The sneaker influencer had the crowd engaged, laughing and donating to the non-profit throughout the night. Slade was excited to be a part of a cause that hits close to home.

“My family has experienced homelessness, drugs, the whole nine, so to be in the position that I’m in and to be blessed the way that I’m blessed, and to be able to pass that blessing on, is just huge for me,” Slade said.  

“The pandemic was hard on a lot of people and I think a lot of us were blessed to be inconvenienced, but for some of us, it had a real impact on our lives,” he added. “Through events like this, we’ll have an opportunity to change that and hopefully put them in a position to succeed because really that’s what it’s about. Letting these people know there is hope, they can do better, and there is a situation for them because that’s what happened to me.” 

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