Smashing Expectations, Beverly Hills Betty White Auction Makes $4 Million

Everything American treasure Betty White touched sure did turn to gold when they hit the block this weekend

The estate sale of comedy legend Betty White proved she truly was a Golden Girl, as the auction for the national treasure’s treasures at Julien’s in Beverly Hills brought in over $4 million this weekend in an event initially predicted to pull down just $400,000 to $600,000, tops.

“You would be hard-pressed to find an individual as iconic and well-loved as Betty White, whose impact is absolutely multi-generational,” Martin Nolan, Executive Director of Julien’s Auctions, said in a press release Sunday. “This auction represented a collection unlike anything we have ever seen before which brought in record-breaking results and thousands of Betty’s most loyal fans from all over the world who participated.”

The biggest winner of the day was a director’s chair used by Betty White during the production of The Golden Girls, which sold for an incredible $76,800—more than 76 times its original estimate of $1,000.

Betty White’s “Golden Girls” director’s chair took 78 times its estimated $1,000. (Courtesy Julien’s)

Another huge Golden Girls bid-breaker was a silky lavender dress with white pattern worn by the actress in 1986 publicity images, which sold for a serious $32,000 at 53 times its original $600 estimate.

Betty White’s 1986 “Golden Girls” publicity stills dress earned $32,000. (Courtesy, Julien’s)

Of course, Betty was known for more than The Golden Girls, and fans showed their appreciation with their money.

A sapphire and diamond pendant necklace White wore on The Golden Girls, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the 1976 Emmy Awards (where she won Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series), fetched $35,200, 35 times its original estimate.

The necklace Betty White wore on “Golden Girls,” “Mary Tyler Moore,” and the Emmys went for $35,200. (Courtesy Julien’s)

A real life—though kind of weird—piece of the Betty White experience went for 10,000. It was the cheery yellow front door of her Brentwood home.

The door of White’s Brentwood went for $10,000. (Courtesy, Julien’s)

One lucky buyer scored a piece of art from within the White house in the form of a circa 1950s oil painting of the legend wearing a red and white dress and opera gloves for $43,750.

This painting of Betty White in opera gloves went for $43,750. (Courtesy, Julien’s)

Several of White’s many honors and awards pulled more than their weight in earnings as well. A Disney Legends Award presented to her in 2009 sold for $19,200; a framed plaque of her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame sold for $16,000; a 2008 TV Land Pop Culture Award Betty won in 2008 brought $10,240, while an American Comedy award for “Funniest Female in a Television Series” sold for $16,000.

The highest prices after the Betty White director’s chair were spent on her personal collection of TV scripts, including the pilot and final episodes of The Golden Girls, which sold for $57,600 and $51,200 per lot.

Betty White’s collection of TV scripts, including the first and last teleplays for “The Golden Girls” took in $57,600 and $51,200 per lot. (Courtesy, Julien’s)

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