Sloth Barre Is the New Goat Yoga and We’ve Never Been More Into Exercise

What an adorable time to be alive

Here are the two main things we know about sloths: they love to hang on things and they’re ridiculously cute. So, some clever person thought to see what happens if you let a sloth dangle around during a workout class. And what exercise would a sloth be best at? Barre class, obviously.


And so, last Thursday, thanks to the backing of POM Wonderful Teas and Barre Belle studio, Angelenos got their first-ever chance to stretch it out with a sloth.

ali landry sloth barre class barre belle
Actress Ali Landry (right) and celebrity sloth Lola (left)

Photograph by Casey Rodgers / AP Images for POM Wonderful

While sloths by nature tend to be uncomfortable with things like loud noises and strange humans, this particular fitness sloth is a pro. Her name is Lola, and you may recall her from her starring role in a viral clip from The Ellen Show, in which actress Kristen Bell was surprised by a visit from a furry friend.

Two classes were held but, for now at least, sloth barre is not scheduled to become a regular event. Then again, goat yoga classes, which started as a novelty several years ago, are now monthly fixtures at multiple L.A. studios, so it’s not totally implausible that this will grow into a trend.

In the meantime, you can do sloth yoga with Lola at her home at the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar. The next yoga sesh takes place June 23, or you can arrange to visit the center seven days a week.

lola sloth barre class sloth yoga
Hanging out with Lola

Casey Rodgers/AP Images for POM Wonderful

Barre Belle is located at 113 N. La Brea Ave, Fairfax.

Wildlife Learning Center is located at 16027 Yarnell Street, Sylmar.   

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