Six L.A. Coffee Shops Where the A/C Is as Satisfying as the Coffee

Starbucks is not your only option

This week’s heat wave hit us like an unusually heavy pillow at a slumber party. Unprepared for such force, many of us sweated it out in our standard coffee haunts, braved it in our own homes, or—just as painfully—froze to death in over-air-conditioned offices.

But when the high temperatures return this weekend, we will be ready. We will know which coffee shop to go to, laptop in tow, that will keep the indoor temp at a civilized level while still serving a delicious almond milk iced latte. Because we all know that the Starbucks (and Coffee Beans and Peet’s) of the world are air conditioned, but with their depressing background music, constant ruckus, and clinical-in-its-sameness design, they don’t make for the most inspiring afternoons. Plus, let’s be real—Starbucks’ coffee isn’t actually that good.

Instead, here are six coffee shops that will allow you to sit in front of your MacBook for hours, in a reasonable—and workable—atmosphere.

Santa Monica/Venice

Dogtown Coffee: It can get a little crowded in this Main Street shop, but when it comes to places where you can chill (literally) and get some work done, it’s tough to beat. Plus, they have all your snacking needs covered, from the epic breakfast burrito to the sea salted caramel latte.


Paper or Plastik: Situated on a still-up-and-coming stretch of Pico Bouvlard, Paper or Pastik has great ambiance, plenty of seating and excellent quiche. The only catch here is that a handful of tables are “no-laptop zones” — so be sure to check the signs before you set up camp for the afternoon.


Coffee Commissary: This Fairfax Avenue favorite also has an outpost in Burbank, and it’s just as outstanding. Between the pork belly burrito, avocado toast and homemade biscuits, you will not go hungry, even as you slowly, painstakingly dry out your underboob sweat.


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Go Get ‘Em TigerOnce lauded by the Grey Lady herself for having the best lattes in the country, Go Get ‘Em Tiger offers up a macadamia nut concoction that will make you wonder why you wasted so many hours drinking lattes with plain old cow’s milk (amateur hour!). One thing to know before hitting up this Larchmont location: Order as if you were at a bar. There is no line; just walk up to the counter and wave someone over.

Echo Park

Woodcat Coffee Bar: Located on Sunset just east of Echo Park Boulevard, this cozy shop is hipster central; but their iced lattes are the best in the neighborhood. Word to the wise: If you’re going to be there for a few hours, try to get there early, as there are limited outlets. But it is SO WORTH IT.


Verve: This bright, airy shop, located on Spring Street, has plenty of table space, so you’ll never feel cramped or forced to sit through your neighbor’s script brainstorming sesh. The Santa-Cruz based company has a near-cult like following, and you are guaranteed to stay buzzy and alert as you hide from the UV.