Shorthand Is the New Office Supply Store You Can’t Live Without

Everyone in your office is about to be very jealous of you

There’s something undeniably joyful about finding cuteness where you least expect it. And there’s something doubly joyful when said cuteness is functional as well, found in items that you can—and, indeed, must!—use every day.

That’s why, when we discovered Shorthand, the Highland Park boutique that opened in March and specializes in all things office supply, we kind of lost our collective minds. The squee factor only rose, then, when we fell into the Alice In Wonderland-like k-hole that is their Instagram account. Suddenly, the potential for desk-inspired ecstasy became real; thanks to Shorthand’s magnificently curated collection of letterpress notebooks, tiny pencils, staplers in bright colors, and push pins that make your bulletin board a work of art instead of an existential crisis, our workspace could suddenly live its truth.

Owned by the husband-wife team behind Iron Letter Press, Shorthand’s shop on York Boulevard houses their printing press in the back, and a retail outlet in the front. In service to the city—nay, the world—we went and checked it out. It’s everything we could have possibly hoped for and more. No more drab tape dispensers, no more soul-sucking paper clips, no more optimism-crippling pencils. Behold, your office’s future:

Shorthand co-owner Joel Kvernmo outside the Highland Park shop
Shorthand co-owner Joel Kvernmo outside the Highland Park shop.

Photograph Courtesy Instgram


The pun outside let us know we were among our people
The pun outside let us know we were among our people.

Photograph Courtesy Instagram


Natural light illuminates the goods
Natural light illuminates the goods.

Photograph Courtesy Instagram


No more unwieldy boxes of colored pencils for you, sir.


Do you need to rep your city while you work? Yes. You do.




You’ll pull a Milton Waddams if anyone tries to take this stapler.


Push it real good.


Haven’t seen paper clips with this much personality since Microsoft killed Clippy!

Shorthand is located at 5028 York Blvd., Los Angeles. They are open Tuesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.