Shepard Fairey Dusts His Art with Diamonds

Shine on, you crazy diamond dusted art star

The LA Art Show is a sprawling four-day confab happening this weekend at the Convention Center, but we’ll help simplify your agenda. Consider making a beeline for one of the most valuable pieces around: a series of four limited-edition prints by street artist and provocateur Shepard Fairey. The clincher? They’re dusted with a liberal dose of diamond shavings. 

The medium was first used by Pop icon Andy Warhol to transform screens of pedestrian items like shoes into priceless objets d’art—a typically Warholian wink at the art establishment. Fairey’s first foray into diamond dust extends his fascination with advertising and commercialism. The vaguely Eastern-inspired abstracts resemble lotus mandalas, creating the shimmeriest—and priciest—works you’re likely to stumble across.