This Mother-Son Sex Podcast Leaves No Sex Stone Unturned

Oral? Anal? It’s all fair game on KarenLee and Cameron Poter’s show Sex Talk with My Mom

When Cameron Poter was in college and looking up sex tips online, he came across his mother’s YouTube videos.

It’s not exactly as gross as it sounds. When Cameron’s dad died 13 years ago, Cameron’s mother, KarenLee Poter, began dating again. When she saw a lack of information for older women in the dating field, she started her own YouTube channel filled with tips and tricks. Younger men latched on to the YouTube channel, so KarenLee leaned into it with videos like “What to Say to Attract an Older Woman,” “How to Find Cougars on Instagram,” and more.

Soon, she was a cougar and sex expert and apparently high on Google’s ranking.

But KarenLee talking about sex wasn’t anything new. And Cameron hearing his mother talk about sex wasn’t exactly strange either. Cameron says growing up his friends would always come to his house to talk to his mom about sex and relationships.

“She was very much the cool mom,” Cameron says.

KarenLee’s YouTube channel turned into a book, A Cougar’s Guide to Getting Your Ass Back Out There, published in 2013. Cameron, a stand-up comic at the time, would often read excerpts from his mother’s book on stage, and when fans and friends couldn’t believe the stories he was telling about his mom, he invited her on stage with him. The bit took off and the podcast Sex Talk with My Mom was born.

It’s not an incestuous thing—though at first glance, many people think so. Instead, 30-year-old Cameron and 60-year-old KarenLee simply want to open up the sex dialogue. They discuss it all: anal sex, oral sex, masturbation, porn, sex toys, all with a comedic twist. Is anything off limits?

“No,” KarenLee says.

“Yes,” Cameron corrects. “We don’t get into such graphic detail. We’re not describing the specifics, like, ‘Oh, I was thrusting into her.’”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s true,” KarenLee says. “And if he goes on a date, he’s not going to come back and call me up and go, ‘Guess what? I got laid.’ He won’t tell me that. I mean, maybe down the road, he’ll be like, ‘Oh, yeah, I had a girl go down on me,’ and I’ll be like, ‘Wait, you didn’t tell me that.’ And the same thing with me. I don’t tell him, ‘Oh, I just fucked my boyfriend last night.’ It’s not like that. It’s more like we speak about stuff after it’s happened.”

“There’s some space,” Cameron says.

Cameron and KarenLee make the perfect duo. On the podcast, Cameron is the anxiety-ridden son who wants to have an emotional connection with a woman before sleeping with her and KarenLee is the free-spirited ’70s child who is open to just about anything. Sitting in their studio today, they appear the same.

“A lot of times we have a role-reversal where I’m more of the father-figure in the situation,” Cameron says.

“And I’m the daughter,” KarenLee adds.

Cameron says most women he dates already know about the podcast “if they’ve done any bit of research.” The women are positive and accepting about it to his face, he says, and some former “lovers” even appear as a guest on the podcast. KarenLee’s boyfriend of 11 years is “proud” of her work on the podcast, she says.

Of course, Sex Talk with My Mom’s Instagram page gets a ton of DMs with dick pics, and Cameron is usually the one fielding them.

“Sometimes Cam throws it back at them,” KarenLee says. “Remember that one? The guy sent me a dick pic and you sent him back a …”

“No, he said, ‘Send me a hot pic’ and I had an ingrown hair that I sent him a picture of,” Cameron says.

Having this kind of open communication with your family might seem like a bit much, but Cameron and KarenLee both say it’s been good for them.

“Like this morning. I woke up and was like, ‘I might have herpes,’” Cameron says, laughing. “I could sit with that by myself for awhile, but I was able to call her and be like, ‘I just went to get a physical exam; he didn’t do a whole STD test on me. What the hell was he thinking? I should have spoken up. Do you think I’m being crazy or not?’ And she was like, ‘No, you’re not being crazy. Go get tested.’”

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