See You at the Movies!


We love staying in over the holidays and curling up on the coach with our Netflix cue as much as the next PJ-loving homebody, but this bit of news will get us dressed and out of the house (in some lounge wear, at least) over the next few weeks: ArcLight Cinemas has scheduled screenings of seasonal classics in their four locations. We can enjoy our annual showing of It’s a Wonderful Life without the phone ringing and with a bucket of movie theater popcorn in our lap this year? Happy Holidays, indeed!

Here’s the schedule. Tickets can be purchased at the box office or online.

December 20:    Love Actually at 8 (Pasadena)

December 21:    Gremlins at 7:30 (Sherman Oaks)

December 22:    Elf at 7:30 (Beach Cities)

                        It’s a Wonderful Life at 8 (Pasadena)

December 27:    It’s a Wonderful Life at 8 (Hollywood)

December 28:    Love Actually at 7:30 (Sherman Oaks)

December 29:    White Christmas at 8 (Pasadena)

                        The Polar Express at 7:30 (Beach Cities)