See Los Angeles Magazine-Featured Photographers in “The Stand-Ins”

It’s about the shot taken before The Shot

StandInsReaders may not realize just how much preparation and work goes into a single photograph in an article or an ad. Sets, lights and composition must be tested over and over before the subject even enters the room. I’ve seen so many interesting and funny photographs made over the years of the test shots—sometimes they’re even better than the final product! I always thought it would be interesting to show the shot taken before The Shot, to pull back the curtain a little and let the viewer see how an image is built from the ground up.

Now, thanks to Month of Photography Los Angeles, I’ve gotten to do just that. I’ve curated a show called The Stand-Ins, which will be on display at the Icon from April 2 to April 30 (the opening reception will be held Thursday from 6-9).

I feel lucky to work with talented artists in my role as photo editor for Los Angeles magazine, so I was pleased when many of our regular contributors were game to participate in this project. The result is, I think, a really fun exploration of photography.

Each year I look forward to April to see what the new MOPLA line up is. I love running around town with my photo pals and sharing in friends’ work and learning about new artists I didn’t know before. MOPLA is an extraordinary undertaking and I know of nothing like it anywhere else. It’s an inspired way to bring together the creative spirit of this city and celebrate its talent. Check it out!