‘Scrubs’ Producer Weinberg Charged with 18 Counts of Sex Assault in L.A.

Eric Weinberg is out on $5 million bail after being charged with 18 counts of sexual assault as more accusers come forward

Scrubs and Californiacation producer Eric Weinberg has been charged with 18 counts of sexual assault, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday.

Since his July 14 arrest for the alleged sexual assaults of at least 8 women between 2012 and 2019 “dozens of additional potential victims have contacted law enforcement,” the D.A.’s office said in a press release. Weinberg was arrested again Tuesday and charged in an 18-count complaint for sexually assaulting five women at different times between 2014 and 2019.

Weinberg’s modus operandi was operating a photographer-model scheme to get young women into his house. Cops and accusers say Weinberg approached his targets in public places pretending to be a photographer in order to lure them into his home for a purported photo shoot. Once they were in his residence, he sexually assaulted them.

“The defendant relied on his Hollywood credentials to lure young women for photo shoots where he allegedly sexually assaulted them,” D. A. George Gascón said. “Power and influence can corrupt some to hurt others that often leads to a lifetime of trauma for those who are victimized. My office’s Bureau of Victim Services is here to help in the healing process to ensure all victims have the guidance and support they need on the road to recovery.”

In September, conversations with some of Weinberg’s accusers revealed that at least one woman, Avian Anderson, did not carelessly go to the home of a man with a camera who called himself a photographer, but checked whisper networks, discussed with Weinberg what the specific direction of the shoot would take, asking to see a public portfolio of his work, among other due diligence. Weinberg even “had her speak with a model who vouched for him.”

Anderson’s story also illustrated how Weinberg allegedly preyed on the women, telling them the photo session would be an “appreciation” of their body, and an “empowering” experience. “I think if you just look at it as an appreciation of the sculpture of your body, you’ll really love your photos. It’ll be empowering for sure,” he texted one woman.

Once she showed up, he sexually assaulted her, she claims.

When it was all over, Weinberg allegedly asked her, “You’re not going to go to the police and tell everybody I raped you, right?”

Following his arrest, Weinberg was freed on $5 million bail.

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