‘Scrubs’ Producer Eric Weinberg Allegedly Assaulted At Least 8 Women

The LAPD says it has identified at least eight women Weinberg assaulted and expects that number to grow

Eric Weinberg played a predatory “photographer” with more than half a dozen women over the course of seven years, leading them to his home under the pretense of a photoshoot and then sexually assaulting them, according to allegations in police records and interviews, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Weinberg was arrested July 14 at his home in Los Feliz for serial sexual assaults allegedly committed between 2012 and 2019.

The Los Angeles Police Department said Friday that they have identified at least eight women Weinberg assaulted and expect that number to grow.

Weinberg is accused of operating a scheme to get young women into his house, targeting them in public places and pretending to be a photographer trying to set up a shoot with them. Once they were in his home, he sexually assaulted them, police say.

Weinberg’s behavior left a trail. One woman used a Facebook group to warn other women about Weinberg’s alleged behavior after she met him. And on two occasions before his arrest, Weinberg had been “investigated by the LAPD on suspicion of sexual assault, booking records and statements from the LAPD show,” according to the Times.

The LAPD previously submitted two rape investigations against Weinberg to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. The D.A. declined to prosecute Weinberg for the incidents in April and August 2014 citing a lack of evidence, according to the police.

Weinberg’s divorce and child custody proceedings in October 2020 included accusations from three women who said Weinberg sexually assaulted them during the so-called photo shoots. Weinberg’s then-wife’s lawyer alleged he also tried to pick up a teenage girl who attended the same high school as Weinberg’s son, who the teen knew, according to a 2020 child custody filing in L.A. County family law court.

One woman said in a court declaration that after she went home with him for a photo shoot, Weinberg forced oral sex on her, then choked her, squeezing her throat “so hard I thought I was going to pass out,” then raped her.

Afterward, she said, he took the time to load the picture from their photo session onto a flash drive and handed it to her.

Weinberg could not be reached by The Times for comment, but his child custody attorney said he had done nothing wrong, calling the women’s testimony a “blatant smear campaign.”

Weinberg has been nominated for five Emmy Awards, and co-produced Scrubs from 2001-2007, according to IMDB. He also worked as a producer on Showtime’s Californication and FX’s Anger Management and as a writer for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.

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