Damn It, Sardo’s Is Closing

The Burbank karaoke joint was THE place in the Valley to partake in adult beverages and belt out some Sir-Mix-A-Lot

Devastating news for everyone who enjoys singing over pre-recorded backing tracks in front of friends and strangers. Sardo’s is closing its doors. In a note on his Facebook page, owner Seymour Satin announced that the bar will no longer be open after Friday, July 28.

Sardo’s is Closing Down
Our Last night will be on Friday, July 28th when we close our doors.

It is with great regret that I need to close Sardo’s. The reason you ask, financially I cannot go on. Costs are up and business is down. My rent was raised on January 1st and I am paying $10,000 per month plus the cost of labor, product, insurance and as I stated business has been down for a while. I have tried to sell Sardo’s but with the rent so high, no buyers are interested.

I tried to find another location the past 2 years but Burbank is extremely difficult to move a business, especially a bar! Parking is a major issue, where you need 10 parking spaces for every 1.000 sq. ft. and that doesn’t exist in Burbank!

I truly appreciate everyone that has come to Sardo’s over the years and I am extremely proud of what I’ve seen over the past 14.5 years. People getting married, the close friendships I’ve seen grown and they all met at Sardo’s and seeing the staff (past and present) grow up to have families.

As my staff will tell you, I have referred to many as my daughters as they have become family and that is why I continued Sardo’s over the years when I had the opportunity to sell and I didn’t.

I’d like to think I’ve had a part in developing an atmosphere where people feel relaxed and make friends.

Sardo’s has become a family, bottom line and that is what I’m proud of. Helping the staff and clients over the years either financially or support was never in question and seeing them grow is what I always said, “I was brought into Sardo’s January 1, 2003 for a reason and I have no regrets.”

My future is unknown, I’ll take it day by day.

So, come on out and enjoy for the next few days while we are still open.

Thank you all for your support over the years.

Seymour Satin

The song list was solid. The drink prices were reasonable. The DJs were accommodating. The vibe was always positive. Families sang there. Porn stars sang there. My friends spent many a night before Thanksgiving–AKA Turkeyoke–singing their asses off.

Sardo’s, you will be missed.

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