Sarah Jessica Parker Finally Spills About Kim Cattrall Feud

”There just isn’t anyone else who’s ever talked about me this way,” SJP said of her former ”Sex and the City” bestie

Ever since Kim Cattrall—as she tells it—gave a firm “No” to reprising her role as Type-A publicist Samantha Jones in a potential third Sex and the City film, she and SATC star and producer Sarah Jessica Parker have been exchanging snipes back and forth through the media. It reportedly began when the costars stopped talking to each on the set of the first SATC movie as early as 2009. Until now, Parker has made only knowing remarks, while Cattrall’s done the real talking, saying that Parker “could have been nicer” and reinforcing her right to say “no” to the third film even as fans beg for more of her character.

Cattrall revealed earlier this year that she was not given the opportunity to turn down Sex and the City spinoff And Just Like That, and SJP is finally explaining why, from her perspective, no invitation was sent.

“it’s very hard to talk about the situation with Kim,” Parker told Scott Feinberg on The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast Wednesday. “I’ve been so careful about not ever wanting to say anything that is unpleasant, because it’s not the way I like to conduct conversations that are as complicated as this, you know?”

Parker, however, wanted “to kind of run through how it happened” partly to point out that their disagreement is not the type of tit-for-tat feud that has been portrayed in the media. “There has been one person talking,” Parker said.

The third movie disintegrated over contractual demands made by Cattrall, according to Parker.

“The studio wouldn’t—there were things that she requested that they were not able to do… They didn’t feel comfortable meeting where she wanted to meet, and so we didn’t do the movie because we didn’t want to do it without Kim. It wasn’t as if she said ‘No’ to the movie, it’s that the studio said ‘No’ to the movie.”

However, Parker isn’t used to be spoken to the way Cattrall has spoken about her, especially as she’s always tried to be a good showbiz citizen.

“There were just a lot of public conversations about how she felt about the show,” Parker said. “I’ve spent a lot of years working really hard to always be decent to everybody on the set, to take care of people, to be responsible to and for people, both my employers and the people that I feel I’m responsible for as a producer of the show. And there just isn’t anyone else who’s ever talked about me this way.

“So it’s very painful to me, because—her portrayal of that role was wonderful.”

Given that Cattrall had made it clear publicly that she was done with the franchise and with playing Samantha, not asking her to be on the new show was a foregone conclusion, Parker explained.

“We did not ask her to be part of this because she made it clear that that wasn’t something she wanted to pursue, and it no longer felt comfortable for us, and so it didn’t occur to us. That’s not slamming her, it’s just learning.”

And, just one more thing: it’s not a catfight, or even a fight, although it sure does look like a years-old vendetta between high-strung actresses.

“I just want to say one thing, because you’ve allowed me this opportunity: It’s so painful for people to keep talking about this ‘catfight,’” said Parker. “I’ve never uttered fighting words in my life about anybody that I’ve worked with—ever. There is not a ‘fight’ going on. There has been no public dispute or spat or conversations or allegations made by me or anybody on my behalf… So I just wish that they would stop calling this a ‘catfight’ or an ‘argument,’ because it doesn’t reflect [reality]. There has been one person talking.”

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