Sandra Bernhard Returns (Again)


A Pop Culture Anthropologist Dishes on the Universe of Bitchy

You’d be hard-pressed to find another performer who can swerve between froufrou 1960s pop songs, maudlin ’80s hair-metal ballads, and Broadway show tunes with as much panache as Sandra Bernhard. In her latest one-woman show, Sandrology, which runs at REDCAT from May 30 through June 10, she does all that and more, monologuing like a woman besotted by art, politics, and mass media. “Because things happen much quicker than they did five or ten years ago, these are emergency dissections of culture,” Bernhard says. “I try to stay away from the obvious and unearth things that may be ancient, may be new.” The show is as varied and mercurial as Bernhard’s personality, touching on relationships and motherhood, shedding and adding elements from night to night. “If I’m really in the zone, a word I hate to use, there is a place that you sometimes get into where you’re an open vessel and your mind is really flowing. Those nights I can go on a tear, and they’re incredible. But you can’t do that every night.”

 Photograph by William Baker