The On-Sale Date for L.A. Hamilton Tickets Has Finally Been Announced

Here’s your chance to be in the room where it happens

April 30.

April 30 is the day, my dearest, Los Angeles (with a comma after dearest), that will turn girls into women and boys into men. It is the day that Angelenos will either rejoice in triumph or crumple in despair. It is the day you’ll need to fight like you’re running out of time, because at 10 a.m. on that day, tickets for the L.A. run of Hamilton (August 11-December 20) will go on sale.

According to the Pantages, Angelenos will be able to buy individual tickets to Hamilton online on the Pantages and Ticketmaster websites, by phone at at (800) 982-2787, or at the Pantages box office. Tickets purchased through any of those channels will cost anywhere between $85 and $225. Too steep? If you’re one of those people who just walk in the light (must be nice), take a chance on the ticket lottery: 40 orchestra seats, each $10, will be raffled off at every performance. How can you say no to that?

People who are really serious about scoring tickets to a performance might also consider taking out a new line of credit with American Express (because in this case, life does discriminate): AMEX cardholders are privy to an early presale period, meaning they’ll be able to purchase tickets beginning at 10 a.m. on April 19. In a continuation of their inability to tell us vital information, a spokesperson for the Pantages indicated to the Times that tickets MIGHT—or might NOT—sell out during that presale period. So maybe take the horse by the reins and open a card to be safe. Or don’t. But know that you may never be satisfied if you don’t.